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Tell George Osborne to pause roads not rail!

George Osborne needs to make sure the Northern Powerhouse doesn't fail before it's even started!

George Osborne has laid out his new budget, and we're calling on him not to forget his election commitments to the Northern Powerhouse!

Before plans for the Powerhouse have even got underway, they look to be at risk of derailment, with massive electrification projects put on hold, and budgets magically disappearing!

We think this is unacceptable! Rail users in the North have suffered long enough from outdated and slow services, and proper rail transport is key if the proposed economic development is going to happen.

Now we're facing the likelihood of continued massive spending on roads, while vital rail work gets paused.

Take action:

Make the Chancellor stick to his promises of a Northern Powerhouse, by asking him to commit to pausing road spending, not rail upgrades!

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