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Tell the Transport Secretary to say NO to All Lane Running

Highways England and the Department for Transport want to turn the hard shoulder on many stretches of motorway into an extra traffic lane. We say this is a dangerous madness.

The hard shoulder is an important place for people to pull onto should they break down. It is also a vital access route for the emergency services. Closing it will put lives at risk. It will also generate extra traffic, noise and pollution.

MPs on the House of Commons Transport Committee recently published a report calling for a halt to the rollout of All Lane Running. They say that getting rid of the hard shoulder is dangerous, confusing and is putting people's lives at risk to cut costs. And yet the Government wants to go ahead with it, on the M4 (Junctions 3-12) and beyond. At the bottom of this page you can see a full list of motorways that either already have, or are planned to have, sections of ‘smart’ motorway with All Lane Running.

If you don't want our country to be clogged with ever more lanes of traffic, please write to the new Transport Secretary today.

These motorways either already have, or are planned to have, sections of ‘smart’ motorway with All Lane Running:

East of England

  • A1(M) Junctions 6-8 Smart Motorway
  • M11 Junctions 8 to 14 - technology upgrade


  • M1 Junctions 19-16
  • M1 Junctions 19-23A
  • M1 Junctions 23A-24
  • M1 Junctions 24-25
  • M1 Junctions 28-31
  • M40/M42 interchange Smart Motorways
  • M5 Junctions 4A-6
  • M5/M42 Birmingham Box Phase 4
  • M6 Junctions 10a-13
  • M6 Junctions 13-15
  • M6 Junctions 2-4

North West

  • M53 Junctions 5-11
  • M56 Junctions 6-8
  • M6 Junctions 16-19
  • M6 Junctions 21A-26
  • M60 Junction 8 to M62 Junction 20: Smart Motorway
  • M60 Junctions 24-27 & J1-4
  • M62 Junctions 10-12

South East

  • M20 Junctions 3-5
  • M23 Junctions 8-10
  • M25 Junctions 10-16
  • M27 Junctions 4-11
  • M3 Junctions 2-4A
  • M3 Junctions 9-14
  • M4 Junctions 3-12

Yorkshire & North East

  • A1 Redhouse to Darrington
  • A1(M) Doncaster Bypass
  • M1 Junctions 32-35A
  • M1 Junctions 35A-39
  • M1 Junctions 39-42
  • M62 Junctions 20-25