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Transport is at the heart of our communities. It connects people to jobs, education, public services, shops, leisure activities, and with other people. It’s key to moving goods to where they are needed. 

As our 50th anniversary approaches the transport system is transforming. The challenges from the transport system for its users, society, the environment and the economy will have to be tackled. Reducing levels of air pollution that damage health, helping transport make its contribution to meeting net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and tackling loneliness and social exclusion caused by poor transport connections all require action to be taken.

We are seeking candidates to join our Board who are motivated and committed by our purpose, and want to work with the Board to ensure the organisation is able to deliver against our new strategy. We are looking for a range of skills to build up our Board's capacity to support the organisation as we take it through the changes necessary to deliver the impact we wish to achieve. 

For more information and details on how to apply please take a look at the application pack below: 

Closing date: 5.00pm on Monday 22 July 2019