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Ugly roads competition, guidelines

These are the guidelines for our ugly roads competition, 2017.

1. Please do not place yourself in danger when taking the photo – only take it from a safe location for a pedestrian to stand or a cyclist or motorist to stop legally.

2. Only photos taken from a public viewpoint, i.e. on the public highway, public open space or from specific viewpoints or rights of way.  Photos taken from private land will not be counted, unless they are from Access land or a right of way over that land as the view of the road should be one that everyone can see.

3. Please provide the photo in a digital format, preferably a jpeg, with a minimum photo size of 1MB and a maximum photo size of 5MB.

4. You may submit up to 3 photos, showing different aspects of your ugly road should you wish.  If you submit more than 3 photos of the same part of a road, only the first 3 photos received will be accepted.

5. You are free to submit as many nominations as you wish (of different roads or different locations on the same road) with a maximum of 3 photos per nomination.

6. If making more than one nomination please submit each nomination separately.  This is to avoid confusion (so we don't mix up photos with the wrong road) and to minimise the risk of emails being rejected because the photo attachments are too large. 

7. Please email your photos to Campaign for Better Transport, using the following email address uglyroads@bettertransport.org.uk; you need to answer the questions listed giving your details and the details of the road.

8. There is no prize for this competition, other than publicity and the possibility that it might inspire change to the ugliest roads.

9. The winners of the competition will be announced in 2018.

10. We may choose to increase the number of categories (beyond just rural and urban) if we feel there is particular merit in doing so.

If you have any queries please email uglyroads@bettertransport.org.uk and we will get back to you as soon as we can.