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Our approach & strategy

Transport affects everyone, so we never work alone: we support hundreds of local groups and individuals around the country, and bring together dozens of national organisations. Together, we campaign in a number of different ways for sustainable transport.

Achieving our vision requires substantial changes to transport policy in England and Wales. We aim to achieve this by using a number of different approaches.


Decision-makers can't develop sensible policies unless they know the facts. Our research highlights the environmental and social impacts of transport. We frequently advise on transport issues, and we comment on a wide range of draft bills, policy documents and consultations.

Political work

We are a national organisation based in London.  We lobby Ministers, MPs, regional government and local authorities, making sure green transport issues are kept high on the political agenda. Our work is helped greatly by members of the public taking part in our campaigns. We have three main campaigns;

We also work on other aspects of transport in England and Wales.

Local communities 

We support local groups fight devastating road-building schemes and communities blighted by dangerous, noisy and polluting traffic.  You can find some of that work online.

Transport companies

We work with transport companies, to promote best practice, and to pressure for support of public transport. An example of our work with transport companies is the Freight on Rail partnership. It works to get freight off the road and onto the railways.

Pooling ideas

We bring together specialists from many fields to pool ideas for improving transport. For instance we convene the Transport Taxation Group, which brings together environmental groups, transport operators, academics, consultants and think tanks to come up with better ways of taxing transport. Find out more about the group(PDF, 53K).

Our strategy

We have a three-year rolling strategy to deliver our vision in England and Wales. The detail of the strategy is currently being reviewed but our headline goals will remain:

  • Influence national government policy to achieve our vision Transport policy needs to change to make transport work for everyone. All our campaigns aim to get the Government to change damaging policies and promote sustainable transport.
  • Influence local transport policy and delivery Local bus services and planning decisions are taken at a local level so to carry out our vision for some types of transport we need to work with local authorities as well as national government. Our work on the Local Sustainable Transport Fund has been key to this area.
  • Empower others to promote sustainable transport We list over 100 local groups in our Act Locally section and we try to support as many as possible in influencing transport policy in their local area.
  • Mobilise the public to support our campaigning Demonstrating support for our policies is a key part of getting the Government to listen. Over the past year we've delivered petitions to 10 Downing Street with over 10,000 signatures and got thousands of people to send emails to MPs and Ministers in support of our aims. If you want to be part of this, please join our mailing list.
  • Diversify our funding base We can't meet any of our objectives if we don't have any money. We would like to increase the amount of funding we receive from individuals and Trusts and reduce our dependence on corporate organisations.