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Roads to Nowhere

  • Top priority rail reopening

    Reopening a disused rail line can transform an area, but it happens all too rarely.

    We're calling for a national programme of rail reopenings. We've identified 33 top-priority lines that would put 500,000 people in reach of the railways.

  • "Any increase will take me over £5,000 a year", says David from Essex

    The annual rail fare rise has become an unwelcome start to each new year as millions of us return to work after the Christmas break.

    After a record year for delays, cancellations and overcrowding, is this rise justified?

  • Photo: Bus user John

    Loneliness is a crisis, with millions of us feeling lonely often or all of the time. Transport is key to solving this problem. Tell us about your experiences and what can be done to ease loneliness in your community.



The case for expanding the rail network
Andrew Allen's picture
Andrew Allen
05 Feb 2019

Fifty years after the Beeching Report led to the closure of 5,000 miles of rail track, rail travel is more popular than at any point since Victorian times. Yet, despite hundreds of reopenings being proposed, few reach construction, due in part to the lack of national oversight with identifying... Read more



A new independent rail ombudsman has been launched to intervene when passengers feel let down by train companies. We welcomed its introduction because... Read more

Alice Ridley's picture
Alice Ridley



6 February 2019

Responding to news that the Government will award £48 million to operators and local authorities to help buy ultra low emission buses, Darren Shirley, Chief... Read more


Bridget Fox's picture
Bridget Fox
14 Feb 2019

The common sense case for a ‘fix it first’ approach is strong, and now it seems policy makers are taking notice.



Imagine a world where highways managers invested in making existing roads greener, rather than building new ones. Our new report ‘Roads and the Environment’, sponsored by the Rees... Read more

Bridget Fox's picture
Bridget Fox

Better transport

motorway queue by Sam Leech via Flikr
Philippa Edmunds's picture
Philippa Edmunds
11 Feb 2019

Earlier in the year we sent a Freedom of Information request to Highways England to find out how many critical incidents resulting in road... Read more

Better Transport


5 December 2018

A new report released today, by Campaign for Better Transport, reveals rural transport in a state of crisis, with bus cuts and shrinking transport networks... Read more

Alice Ridley's picture
Alice Ridley

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