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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • Our new research shows that funding for buses across England and Wales has been cut by 45 per cent since 2010, and by more than £20 million in just the last year.

    Find out what we think should be done about it.

  • Arundel

    The Arundel Bypass would damage a National Park and Ancient Woodland, setting a dangerous precedent for the country as a whole.

    Wherever you live, please object to this disastrous new road - our form is quick and easy to use.

  • Our successes, 2017

    By writing letters, signing petitions, sharing your stories, coming to demos and making donations, you have helped us achieve so much over the past year.

    Here are just a few of those successes in numbers...

  • A boy looks out of a train window

    Whether it's decent WiFi, comfy seats or an end to the dreaded delays, our brand-new campaign aims to get the best from the Government, railway industry and train operating companies for passengers.

  • Photo: people on e-bikes

    The Government gives grants for converting to electric cars and vans - but not to electric bikes. Let's get that changed!

    Please email your MP and ask for this simple change: it would not cost any extra money, would be popular and would do a lot of good.



Andrew Allen's picture
Andrew Allen
26 Sep 2018

The interests of passengers and communities should be central to the Department for Transport’s major review of the railways. Train users and communities deserve a radical plan which delivers... Read more



11 October 2018

Campaign for Better Transport has responded to the release of the terms of reference for the... Read more


349 bus at Sandhurst Cross
09 Oct 2018

In this guest blog, Derrick Coffee from the East Sussex Campaign for Better Transport local branch explains the value and importance of a daily... Read more



Saving a bus route is hard, and restoring cuts once they've happened is even harder. But when the frequency of bus no. 18 was reduced, Lancaster Bus Users' Group didn't let that stop them. Chair... Read more


Wales M4 protesters
20 Sep 2018

In this guest blog, Hugh Mackay of CALM (Campaign Against the Levels Motorway) updates us on the latest challenges to the controversial plans to... Read more



Imagine a world where highways managers invested in making existing roads greener, rather than building new ones. Our new report ‘Roads and the Environment’, sponsored by the Rees... Read more

Bridget Fox's picture
Bridget Fox

Better transport


8 October 2018

Reacting to the report released today, 8 October, by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Darren Shirley, Chief Executive of Campaign for... Read more

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