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Save our buses

Fair Fares Now

Roads to Nowhere

  • Passengers boarding a bus

    After years of campaigning, we are delighted that the Chancellor has announced a National Bus Strategy to improve existing routes and restore lost services.

    No longer the Cinderella of transport modes, buses will at last have a national strategy to help cut air pollution, tackle loneliness and drive economic growth.


  • train station

    Rail fares are set to go up by 2.8 per cent in January. We’re calling on the Government to end RPI linked increases. 

    Read our full media statement by clicking below.


  • Bus passengers

    Buses have a vital role to play in cutting air pollution, tackling loneliness and driving economic growth. What can the Government do to support buses? Read our report on The future of the bus

  • Top priority rail reopening

    Reopening a disused rail line can transform an area, but it happens all too rarely.

    We're calling for a national programme of rail reopenings. We've identified 33 top-priority lines that would put 500,000 people in reach of the railways.

  • Photo: cyclists

    Transport is the UK's largest emitter of greenhouse gases. But change is possible if we act together.

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busy train station
Darren Shirley's picture
Darren Shirley
14 Aug 2019

So, as it stands, in January rail fares will go up by 2.8 per cent - last month’s Retail Price Index (RPI) figure announced today. Commuters will be dismayed to be paying yet more again next year, not least as they endure weekly delays and cancellations and regular overcrowding on much of the... Read more



27 September 2019

Reacting to the plans to build Kings Heath and Hazelwell railway stations in south Birmingham, Darren Shirley, Chief Executive of Campaign for Better... Read more


Girl on bus
Darren Shirley's picture
Darren Shirley
07 Oct 2019

Typical isn't is, you wait decades for a new bus policy and then two come along at once.

Well, nearly at once. The Chancellor announced... Read more



With 4.4 billion journeys made by bus each year, buses are the backbone of transport networks across the country. But in recent years, falling passenger numbers and cuts to services have left many... Read more

Darren Shirley's picture
Darren Shirley


Photo: kingfisher
14 Jun 2019

Local campaigners are celebrating the Welsh Government’s decision to scrap the planned M4 'relief road', a £1.4 billion motorway through the... Read more



Despite its multi-billion pound budget, Highways England’s roads programme is under pressure, with several schemes set to be dropped or delayed. But there are ways to save money and help balance... Read more

Bridget Fox's picture
Bridget Fox

Better transport

car exhaust
Darren Shirley's picture
Darren Shirley
09 Jul 2019

Today marks a year since the Government published its ... Read more

Better Transport


22 August 2019

Welcoming the publication of the Science and Technology Committee's report, 'Clean Growth: Technologies for meeting the UK's emissions reduction targets',... Read more

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