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Roads to Nowhere

  • Disused rail line

    With more and more people using the railways, we want to see many of the lines and stations closed by Dr Beeching in the 1960s open once more, and new lines and stations being built to serve communities.

    Please sign our letter calling on the Government to set up a fund for expanding the railways.

  • Our successes, 2017

    By writing letters, signing petitions, sharing your stories, coming to demos and making donations, you have helped us achieve so much over the past year.

    Here are just a few of those successes in numbers...

  • Photo: people on e-bikes

    The Government gives grants for converting to electric cars and vans - but not to electric bikes. Let's get that changed!

    Please email your MP and ask for this simple change: it would not cost any extra money, would be popular and would do a lot of good.

  • Family sitting under trees

    Brexit has a whole range of implications for transport and for the environment.

    Email your MP to ask that our environment laws are not weakened or left vulnerable by Brexit.



Station at sunset
Andrew Allen
08 Mar 2018

Rail’s strength is not just in moving people. It cuts carbon, supports communities, develops local economies and much else. The rail industry – and franchising in particular - must do more to understand, promote and develop these benefits. 



The Government has published its new Strategic Vision for Rail, setting out... Read more

Andrew Allen


Chris Todd
22 Jan 2018

When it comes to motorised transport, the bus is definitely the poor relation.  It doesn’t appear to have the same appeal to decision makers that... Read more



Saving a bus route is hard, and restoring cuts once they've happened is even harder. But when the frequency of bus no. 18 was reduced, Lancaster Bus Users' Group didn't let that stop them. Chair... Read more


Melbury Abbas campaigners
13 Mar 2018

Despite being a tiny historic village on a narrow lane, Melbury Abbas has been designated as a lorry route by Dorset County Council.

The... Read more



Last month thousands joined our online action, calling on the Government to protect National Parks and other protected sites from major new roads.

One such threat is the proposal for new... Read more

Better transport

MaaS: Putting Transit Front and Center of the Conversation
Bridget Fox
19 Mar 2018

Mobility as a Service is widely discussed as the next big idea in transport. Harnessing technology to offer more travel choices can greatly... Read more

Better Transport


Politicians promise that building roads and runways will boost the economy and create lots of jobs... but are their claims justified? Our new guest blog by Steve Melia from the... Read more

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