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    Roads to Nowhere

Roads to Nowhere

We know that new roads don’t solve people’s transport problems. We’re calling for greener, cheaper alternatives to road-building.


Road-building generates even more traffic, damages the countryside, adds to climate change and makes cities, towns and villages less pleasant places to live for everyone.

Current road-building proposals:

Interactive map of road proposals

Hundreds of miles of new roads, costing billions of pounds, are being planned across the country.

Highways England is delivering the £15bn Road Investment Strategy,  including "smart motorways" with all-lane running, and  new Expressways (motorway-style A roads).

Local councils and bodies like 'Local Enterprise Partnerships' who – wrongly – believe that a bypass or ring road in their town is the answer to high levels of traffic, are pushing through new roads, at the expense of more sustainable transport options.

We’re monitoring these new road plans and supporting local campaigns to replace them with better ideas. See our new road campaigner guide for more on how you can help stop destructive road plans in your area.

Policy work:

Corridor planning - dumbbell graphicWe work to influence both national and local transport policies and spending plans, challenging the way traffic forecasts are used to justify 'predict and provide' policies and showing how smarter transport spending on public transport, walking and cycling projects can be much better value.

Instead of focusing on building our way out of congestion, a 'corridor planning' approach, taking account of all the short-distance journeys that add to traffic hot-spots - not just long-distance trips across the country - means a wide range of cheaper, better ways of cutting congestion can be employed, such as travel planning, smart tickets, better buses and support for walking and cycling trips.

The spiralling cost of road building makes even less sense when there are smarter alternatives like these.

Read the pages below to find out more about why new roads are not the best way to solve our transport problems.

New roads create new traffic

Air pollution matters

Our vision for greener roads

Recent reports:

Rising to the challenge: A shared green vision for RIS2 cover Rising to the challenge: A shared green vision for RIS2
August 2017.

Our report, produced with a large group of environmental charities, offers a positive green vision for the Strategic Road Network. We're challenging the Government to rethink the roads programme and live up to their pledge to leave the environment in a better state for the next generation.

Download the report



Better not bigger report cover Better not bigger - why strategic roads need a green retrofit programme
Sept 2014.

A major new proposal for £3 billion to be committed to improving existing roads over the next five years, from Campaign for Better Transport, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and a wide range of environment and transport groups.

Download the report


More about Roads to Nowhere:

Our Roads blog gives up to date news of the campaign